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03-31-15 | Posted by

The annual meeting American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) is a see-and-be-seen scene. It is here that doctors and companies from across the map choose to launch or update their anti-aging skin care lines – citing new delivery systems, science and or other innovations that make their products the must have for all youth seekers.

And Julie Woodward, MD, chief of oculoplastic and reconstructive surgery service at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, NC, would pit Skinceuticals antioxidant-based products against any one of them.

Speaking with influential beauty bloggers and members of the media at a breakfast held during the 2015 AAD meeting in San Francisco, CA, Woodward extolled the role of antioxidants in staving off sun damage and premature aging. “Antioxidants provide inside protection by strengthening skin’s natural protection from free radicals induced by environmental stressors, such as ultraviolet rays and pollution,” she says.

While many skin care companies are in on the antioxidant game, Woodward was quick to point out that not all formulations are created equally. “Only pure, stable l-ascorbic acid has been shown to increase the amount of vitamin C present in skin,”she says. “Most store-bought vitamin C skin care products don’t’ work. Skinceuticals does,” she says.

Another important point is that more is not always better. SkinCeuticals research shows that concentrations between 10 – 20% l-ascorbic acid are optimal, she says.

Skinceuticals Vitamin C  line includes C E FERULIC® ($157.00) which improves firmness, reduces wrinkles and brightens complexion while PHLORETIN CF® and PHLORETIN CF® gel (Both $159.00) even skin tone, Improve radiance, retexturize skin and diminish lines. Get ready for summer sun exposure y using these supercharged antioxidant serums under your high SPF to stay unlined and ward off brown spots.




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