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05-17-10 | Posted by

Reprinted from http://www.healthnewsdigest.com

Fat Grafting is Making a Major Comeback!

By Healthnewsdigest’s Beauty Columnist Wendy Lewis

Cytori Therapeutics introduced PureGraft 250, a revolutionary next generation fat grafting system and the only device in the United States FDA approved for aesthetic body contouring using autologous fat. The PureGraft system is designed for removing and preparing a patient’s own fat tissues for re-injection, it can be used to add volume to facial areas such as cheeks, tear troughs, chin and jowls, as well as reshaping the breasts and enhancing the buttocks.

Up until now, fat grafting methods and results varied widely among practitioners. Common complications included skin irregularities, contour defects, prolonged bruising and swelling, as well as inconsistent outcomes.  PureGraft will standardize the process of rapid fat transfer by delivering results that are more predictable, accurate and quantifiable. With PureGraft the practitioner is able to clean fat quickly, filter out blood and other unwanted debris after liposuction removal, leaving it sterile and safe. Dr. Michael Scheflan, a plastic surgeon in Tel Aviv explains, “PureGraft insures the best quality fat I can put in a patient, and it seems to last longer because you’re not traumatizing the fat with this system.”

The volumes that can be processed with this integrated system ranges from 50 ml to 250 ml, which makes it ideal for volume restoration to deflated cheeks, skinny bottoms and small breast enhancements. These distinct advantages are compelling to practitioners as well as patients. According to San Diego Plastic Surgeon Steven Cohen, “PureGraft delivers a superior aesthetic face and body contouring outcome through optimal fat processing. The quality of the fat allows me to give my patients the best volume restoration.”
Puregraft is also expected to get a CE Mark in the very near future and will be available in Europe shortly. http://www.puregraft.com

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