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12-14-12 | Posted by

Beauty companies are becoming savvier and savvier about the products we want to use and how it affects the world around us. Going “Green” has become de rigueur, where products are organic, natural, and cruelty-free. Now, comes another label to look out for: halal (“permissible” in Arabic) products. According to Organic Monitor, halal beauty products, designed originally for Muslim consumers, now compose almost 20% of the global beauty market. A halal seal of approval appeals to both Muslim and non-Muslim customers because they seek out products with ingredients not derived from animals, especially pork-based—like gelatin, glycerin, and collagen—as well as nonabsorbent alcohols like cetyl and cetearyl. Halal products are made using plant extracts and minerals, which are kinder to hair and skin.

Here are a few companies that are deemed halal-certified or offer halal beauty products. Even if you don’t practice the faith, these products are known to be more ethical as well (since they are natural and often organic), so now everyone can enjoy their favorite beauty tools with a clear conscience.

OnePure Halal Beauty

OnePure’s motto is that beauty and religion shouldn’t be in conflict with each other—that it’s possible to have a quality skincare line consisting of only non-Haram (non-halal) ingredients. Collaborating with a chemist and dermatologist, this skincare range was two years in the making.

Photo Credit: onepurehalalbeauty.com

From anti-aging to whitening products, cleansers and toners to moisturizers and masks, OnePure covers all skincare needs. We especially like their line of Target Serum treatments. Fair and Spotless ($67) is formulated to reduce visible discoloration, age spots, blotching, and uneven skin tone. This full-spectrum luminizer brightens the face and is designed to show noticeable results after 10 days of use. Suitable for sensitive skin, just a pea-sized amount to target areas after cleansing and drying the face will do. And perfect for the dry winter weather, Target Serum Extreme Dryness ($54) restores and repairs dry skin with its nourishing, deep moisturizing treatment. Use it every day—even on sensitive areas—to soothe dry and stressed skin that has been affected by the elements. The serum quickly targets flakiness, wrinkles, and heat-damaged skin.

Samina Pure Makeup

For our UK BITB readers, there is Samina Pure Makeup, a natural mineral makeup line that is free of chemicals, parabens, alcohol, and animal-by products. For the eyes, face, and lips, these powders are made from 100% pure crushed minerals and are cruelty-free. With a high content of zinc oxide, mineral makeup benefits all skin types and ages, providing natural sun protection of SPF15 and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s lightweight so it covers flawlessly and naturally while letting skin breathe.

Photo Credit: saminapuremakeup.co.uk

In four shades, the Instant Glow Mineral Setting Powder – Mini Pot (£8.99) is perfect for ladies on the go or traveling this holiday season who need immaculate coverage in seconds. Nourishing Long-Lasting Hydra Lipstick (£12.50) contains jojoba oil and shea butter to give lips the moisture they need this cold winter. In addition to boasting bold colors like Scarlet Red and Dreamy Plum, your lips with feel smooth and supple.

Saaf Pure Skincare 

Also created for UK customers, Saaf Pure Skincare is certified organic by the Soil Association and certified halal by European Halal Services. Products are sold and shipped internationally to Europe, the Middle East, and North America, though, so our American readers can get in on this too.

From skincare, body care, and enriching hair oils, you can now indulge in beauty products that are also safe for the environment. Eraser Body Oil (£59.99) is what Saaf calls “nature’s correction fluid in a bottle.” Toning and smoothing, the oil contains a high percentage of rosehip seed oil, which is known to reduce uneven pigmentation and the appearance of raised scar tissue. The safflower oil soothes skin irritations while promoting moisture in the skin. The body oil also reduces the appearance of stretch marks, protects against future scarring, and calms irritated, red, and itchy skin, leaving your skin smooth and silky.

Amara Halal Cosmetics

Photo Credit: amaracosmetics.com

Based and manufactured in North America, Amara’s halal-certified cosmetic products strive to promote awareness that “halal isn’t limited to what is consumed as food but also applies to what is put on our skin.” From face, eyes, lips, and even makeup tools, Amara fully covers all makeup needs. The Natural Liquid Foundation ($24) comes in 4 shades so there’s something for everyone. Evening out skin tone while increasing the skin’s luminosity, the rich and creamy texture glides over skin effortlessly to give a radiant and natural glow. Ease of application and blendability makes for a flawless finish without that “caked on” look.


Photo Credit: revlon.com

Did you know that at least two hair color products from this iconic brand—Revlon Colorsilk ($2.99) and Revlon Colorsilk Luminista ($4.49)—have been certified halal for more than a decade? From root to tip, Colorsilk stays on, delivering natural looking color even between colorings. The formula penetrates every strand with its ammonia-free and after-color conditioner with silk proteins so that hair looks silkier and shinier than before you even colored it. Available in 40 shades, these permanent hair-color products can be used on natural, color-treated, relaxed, and permed hair.

Tom’s of Maine

Tom’s of Maine has been certified kosher since the ‘90s and certified halal since 2006. Making personal care products like toothpaste, deodorant, and soap, the natural and organic products are safe for you and the environment. Tom’s spokesperson Susan Dewhirst spoke to MSNBC and said, “As consumers get more educated, they are looking for products that align with their beliefs — whether it’s being halal for religious reasons or to avoid cruelty to animals or chemicals.”

Photo Credit: tomsofmaine.com

We love their Natural Beauty Bar Soap ($2.99), formulated with ultra-moisturizing olive oil and vitamin E. Clinically proven to maintain the moisture of skin, the soap leaves a clean and fresh feeling. Without any artificial or synthetic ingredients, the soap comes in four types: deodorant, relaxing, sensitive, and exfoliating. Now you have no excuse not to go green and halal in the shower!

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