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(HealthNewsDigest.com) – You’re religious about slathering on SPF30….You’re the diva of exfoliation….You keep your peptide cream in your nightstand so you never go to bed without it. But what do you do when your skin care stops working for you? See a doctor!

The old way to look at aging is to wait until everything is sagging, crinkling and has hit rock bottom, and have it all done at once. But the advent of innovative non-surgical procedures that mimic the effects of surgery at reduced costs, risks, and recovery times has revolutionized the anti-aging world. If the idea of no-knife facelifts with fillers and skin tightening devices appeals, there are many techniques available that do a lot more than creams can do.

Our never-ending pursuit of a natural result without the telltale signs of surgery has led to a whole new generation of minimally invasive devices and techniques. They can deliver results that won’t elicit remarks like, “What did she have done?!!” For some, these treatments can delay the knife for as long as possible. The philosophy is to have smaller procedures at a younger age to delay the need for more drastic nips and tucks later on. You can make small, subtle changes that allow you to stay on top of the aging process, and save the surgery for when your sagging is out of control.

Long lasting but temporary, resorbable fillers that dissolve over time are widely considered to be the safest substances available. Among these, the most commonly used are hyaluronic acid gels such as Juvederm®, Restylane® and Perlane®. Many injectors prefer to use a combination of fillers to achieve the most beautiful result. For example, Sculptra® Aesthetic is popular for lifting sagging cheeks and jowls combined with one of the hyaluronic acid gels for lip enhancement. Sculptra® stimulates your own body to produce more collagen and Juvederm® or Restylane® are ideal to reshape and restore soft volume to the lips. To get good correction with injectable treatments, most people will need multiple syringes of fillers in more than one area. A combination treatment may depend on the location to be treated, and the amount needed to fill, and by using BOTOX® Cosmetic or Dysport® with fillers, results may last even longer. Since the effects are temporary, you can expect to need touch ups to maintain your youthful look along the way.

To complement injectable treatments, lasers and light based devices have earned their place as mainstays of any age defiance program. Thermage® CPT is the newest generation of radio frequency based skin tightening systems that works on the deep tissues to give sagging skin a nice lifting effect. Resurfacing devices, including Fraxel® Re-Store Dual, help to improve skin texture, sun damage and pigment.

Although these procedures are non-surgical, they are not non-medical. They should be performed in a clinical environment under good lighting and under the direction of a qualified medical professional, which may include surgeons, doctors, and in some cases, nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

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