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07-30-13 | Posted by

August—the dog days of summer are nearly upon us. And if you live in the western US, temps really heat up in September. Keeping cool remains essential for weeks and months to come. Stay cool with these beauty essentials that will refresh your skin and raise your spirits.

Get ready for the stress and heat of the day with Skyn Iceland Antidote Daily Cooling Lotion ($45) . An anti-stress skincare range, Skyn Iceland draws minerals and healing properties from Icelandic glacial water. The Cooling Lotion will help keep soaring temperatures from irritating and reddening your skin with soothing white willow park and anti-inflammatory Icelandic kelp. Skyn Iceland Arctic Face Mist ($29) shares a bit of the glacial spirit including anti-oxidant ingredients. You can even spray it over makeup for a cooling burst. And when you are on the go and ready to take it all off, Skyn Iceland Glacial Cleansing Cloths ($15) are infused with glacial water to remove makeup and grime without extra water.

We all know the best way to enjoy the beautiful outdoors during summer is with adequate sun protection. But if you’ve spent a bit too much time in the sun, cool down quickly with Korres Yoghurt Cooling Gel ($23.00). The yoghurt in this cooling gel cream helps relieve excessive heat and stinging and plant extracts like fennel and sunflower help hydrate. For sultry evenings (think resort discos and beachside dinners), swipe on Korres Greek Yoghurt Nourishing Lip Cooler ($19) to buff away dry skin and brighten your lips in four cooling shades.

And for the morning after that night out, apply Origins No Pufferyâ„¢ Cooling Roll-On For Puffy Eyes ($25). This roll-on treatment takes on the battle of the bags, with an incredibly cooling effect that de-puffs tired eyes and brightens dark circles immediately.

Show off your summer tan (faux, of course) with Hampton Sun Serious Shimmer Cooling Spray ($32). Available in a bronze or pearl shade it is a rejuvenating and finishing touch that creates a sexy, highlighting shine. It also contains cooling aloe vera and chamomile.

Days in the sun can take their toll on facial skin, so hydrate, reduce inflammation and redness, and heal with Boscia Cool Blue Calming Mask ($34). Sea whip, a coral like plant and a powerful anti-inflammatory, soothes and calms, willow herb reduces redness, aloe vera hydrates, heals, and firm, and fresolat, which comes from peppermint, cools. Just feel the rush of freshness.

For a truly soothing effect after a day in the sun at work or play try B-Spa Bar Holistic Healing Mist Soothing Vata ($12). Based on ancient Ayurvedic principles, this spray helps you detach and release stress with ingredients rose geranium, sweet orange, basic, fennel, and marjoram.


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