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Concerned Mothers Create Natural Beauty Lines for Tweens

As if guiding their tween daughters through puberty, style faux pas and possibly a first kiss weren’t enough, entrepreneurial moms across the country have created tween beauty brands that eschew harsh chemicals in favor of natural and organic ingredients.

Quite independently of one another, these women developed product lines in response to concerns about traditional beauty ingredients that could be harmful for their daughters’ developing bodies.

“The two major concerns are the toxins and known carcinogens in most products. Some of the ingredients also disrupt natural hormone activity, and developing girls may be more susceptible to the side-effects of these hormone disruptors. Specifically, the parabens and other ingredients may act like estrogens, both plant-based and synthetic,” said Brittany Clotfelter, founder of Glory for Girls, located in Del Mar, California.

Having conscientiously raised their daughters on organic food and swaddled them in organic cotton, these mothers found that tween-targeted brands and even skin-care and bath/body brands sold at natural food stores include worrisome chemicals. Ingredients like propylene glycol, used in lip gloss, and sodium laureth sulfate, used to create lather in shampoo, pose concerns over their ability to disrupt and alter hormones.

In the case of Kim Anderson, it was her 16 year old daughter Ava, who led and inspired the creation of Ava Anderson Non-Toxic, which launched in December 2009 as a direct selling company with 20 products. Guided by the ingredient warnings posted on www.cosmeticsdatabase.com, a website, which is supported by safety watchdog Environmental Working Group, Ava identified three major concerns regarding conventional products. First was the lack of U.S. regulations for product ingredients, second was the contaminant bi-products created during the formulation process, and third were unidentified chemicals included in ingredients simply listed as fragrance.

“Most people don’t realize that their products get absorbed into their bloodstream,” said Ava, who is founder, CEO and director of product development, for Ava Anderson Non-Toxic, headquartered in Rhode Island. “A big concern for me is phthalates, a very bad gene mutator and endocrine disruptor.”

“After spending what seemed like forever reading labels we quickly realized there were no products we felt were pure, effective or formulated specifically enough for young skin. We knew if we were looking for safe beautiful natural products for our own daughters, other moms were too,” stated Grace Hvasta-Petrarca and Kim Grustas, founders of Good For You Girls, based in New Hartford, Connecticut. Visit www.goodforyougirls for an extensive list of red-flag chemical ingredients.

But as any mom knows, telling your daughter that something is good for her usually generates a big shrug. “Girls today are very brand savvy and image conscious,” said Ms. Clotfelter. These tween lines adopt colorful packaging and engaging websites to mesh with the lifestyle of the under 13 set.


Photo Credit: www.sparklehearts.com

Photo Credit: www.sparklehearts.com

Created by moms Hilary Orr and Darcy McMahon in Huntington Beach, California, Sparklehearts products are made of 99.6% natural, vegetable and plant-based ingredients. Shampoo, conditioner, hair detangler, body wash and body lotion are all priced at $12.49 on www.sparklehearts.com.

Glory For Girls

Photo Credit: Glory For Girls

Daughter Remy inspired Brittany Clotfelter to develop a line that wouldn’t cause her daughter’s skin to break out. The 11-item range includes moisturizers, cleansers, lip balms, deodorant, scrub, clarifying lotion and sunscreens, priced from $7.00 to $22.00, in addition to kits. Available at specialty stores across the country and at www.gloryforgirls.com.

Good For You Girls

Photo Credit: www.goodforyougirls.com

Not only is this skin care line composed of 100% natural, organic and vegan ingredients without petrochemicals, dyes or irritants, but the packaging is recyclable and decorated with water-based inks. Grace Hvasta-Petrarca and Kim Grustas sell their line at natural food stores and specialty retailers nationwide as well as at www.goodforyougirls.com. A skin-care kit with gel cleanser, toner and oil-free moisturizer is priced at $19.99.

Elizabeth’s Daughter

Photo Credit: feelunique.com

Created and marketed in England by Elizabeth Hallett, this skin and body care range boasts natural formulas suitable for the skin of young girls as well as mature sensitive skin. Visit www.feelunique.com for more info. The seven skin care and two body products are roughly priced from $18.50 to $30.00

Ava Anderson Non-Toxic

Photo Credit: www.avaandersonnontoxic.com

Featured in Glamour and Teen Vogue magazines as well as AOL’s stylelist.com, Ava Anderson has developed skin-care and makeup products that are sold by 600 consultants in more than 40 states. The line only uses ingredients that score “zero” on the 0-10 toxicity scale determined by www.cosmeticsdatabase.com. Designed for all ages, Ava Anderson products are priced from $8.95 to $21.95. More information at www.avaandersonnontoxic.com.

Teens Turning Green

Photo Credit: www.teensturninggreen.org

Spearheaded by non-profit Teens for Safe Cosmetics, Teens Turning Green launched at Whole Foods in 2008. The group collaborated with natural beauty companies in California, Washington and Toronto to create seven teen body and skin-care products as well as a lip balm, all priced between $3.99 and $21.00. Visit www.teensturniggreen.org for more info.

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