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08-21-14 | Posted by

The House of Taupin has done it again. Texoane Cosmeceuticals is their latest achievement in a long line of innovations.

Madame Valerie Taupin has the eye for detail of a couturier. Her keen aesthetic sense has contributed to building a brand with a distinctively feminine image and she has an enviable two decade track record in Europe to live up to. Taupin founded Teoxane more than a decade ago after developing a reputation as the sole female powerhouse in the dermal filler world.

She originally launched her skincare range in 2009 with three products in Europe, and they have been developing additional products ever since for a total of six. The Teoxane skin care range that made its way from Geneva, Switzerland to the US in early 2014 features crossed linked hyaluronic acid; the same material used in their range of full facial injectables. Their patented formulas create a mesh when you apply it to the skin that permits the active ingredients to gradually release and work their magic to diminish signs of aging. The result is a firmer, tighter and more hydrated skin’s surface.


The range includes RHA Advanced Dry Skin, RHA Serum, RHA Deep Repair Balm, RHA Skin Refiner, and RHA Advanced Normal-Combination Skin. The serum has the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid combined with potent antioxidants and has prestige feel and lovely texture that your skin drinks up.

Teoxane Laboratoires’ partner Alphaeon launched the skincare range in the US under the brand name Teoxane RHAâ„¢ (resilient hyaluronic acid). According to Taupin, “We put the technology of our fillers in our skincare formulas: our patented RHA technology plus a complex of restructuring ingredients providing powerful antioxidant protection and revitalizing action. We offer a targeted response to visible signs of skin aging.” She has developed an innovative skincare line that nicely complements aesthetic treatments.

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