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02-05-13 | Posted by

There’s good news for skincare junkies!

Obagi Medical Products, Inc. and Suneva Medical, Inc. are joining forces to distribute ReGenica Facial Rejuvenation Complex. This means it is now that much easier for you to get your hands on this must-have line of skincare products.

What makes them so special?

The products harness the power of regenerative medicine. A huge buzz word in the health field, regenerative medicine taps into the body’s natural healing processes and prowess. Scientists have long been impressed by the fact that embryos heal without scarring, and have been tinkering away in labs trying to find out the secret, which likely has something to do with stem cells.

Many a company is trying to tap into this market, with products making all sorts of claims about stem cells in a bottle, but those in the know say that Regenica is really the real deal. Really!

The secret ingredient is multipotent CCM Complex (Cell Conditioned Media). CCM comprises active growth factors and proteins such as keratinocyte growth factor, collagen, and embryonic proteins. It does not use embryonic stem cells, and does not contain genetically-modified proteins or cow serum. They are also scent-free, and are not to thick or goopy when applied to your skin.

Regenica was developed by Gail K. Naughton, PhD, the inventor of the key ingredient in Skinmedica’s TNS, but you don’t need a PhD to understand what Regenica can do for your skin?

The three-product line by Suneva Medical, Inc. includes:

Advance Rejuvenation Day Repair SPF 15 ($175)

Advance Rejuvenation Overnight Repair ($175)

Facial Rejuvenation Complex Post Procedure ($150)

The Day Repair and Night Repair fight signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, irregular pigmentation, and roughness, and the Post Procedure product  is designed to speed up recovery after a facial laser treatment or a peel.

The company also has hard data to back up their claims. After four weeks, participants who used the day and overnight repair products reported improvements in the appearance and texture of their skin, with all seeing reductions in at least one sign of photodamage at 10 weeks. Ninety percent of subjects had a reduction in pore size, with 64% of users reporting more radiant skin.

Put another way: seeing is believing!



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