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07-19-11 | Posted by


Depleted collagen is at the base of many skincare woes – lines and wrinkles mostly, but sagging and loss of volume (think lips) as well. Neutrogena Clinical is a new line of antiaging skincare that directly addresses the loss of collagen by leveraging the power of electricity – not the type that illuminates light bulbs or charges our cell phones – but the body’s own bioelectricity.

According to Neutrogena, bioelectricity is the native electric current that cells use for a variety of functions including cell-to-cell communication. When this cell-to-cell communication slows down due to aging so does the production of collagen. As mentioned, diminished collagen production leads to visible signs of aging, including wrinkles and sagging skin.

Neutrogena Clinical harnesses the power of bioelectricity with a technology it calls ION2Complex, whose objective it is to improve communication at the surface level of the skin. It does so through a two part system. First you apply a Gel Serum, which is activated by the moisture contained in an Activating Cream, which is applied second. After activation, the cream releases essential ion-mineral conductors that create a positive electric micro-current to boost cellular communication.

The results are visibly lifted, refined and firmer skin. The clinical data reports that in just two weeks, collage is enhanced and overall firmness is improved, while in eight weeks, skin looks noticeably younger toned and more resilient.

The line’s Lifting Wrinkle Treatment Starter System – SPF30 and Eye Lift Contouring Treatment ($49.99) features the Gel Serum, Activating Cream and Eye Activating Cream.

The Facial Lifting Wrinkle Treatment Night ($39.99) system includes the Gel Serum and Night Activating Cream.

All in all, I’m always impressed with Neutrogena’s efficacy and product quality. These two new additions are available now at drugstores and mass retailers nationwide.

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