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12-09-11 | Posted by

Most of us know all too well that the perils of acne exist long after a pimple goes away. Along with the acne problem I mentioned in a previous review that has left a mess of my face for several months now, this acne has left behind hideous scars, forcing me to wear copious amounts of concealer every time I leave the house – ugh! Gone are the days where I could just dust a little powder on my face and my skin still looked radiant and clear.

During the summer, the scarring was particularly bad, and I wanted to find something that would actually WORK. I didn’t even care about the cost– I was willing to spend a lot to restore my skin’s tone. I decided to try the Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturizer by Clinique. I’ve always believed that quality products are worth paying more for, so the $42.50 price tag did not really phase me. I started using the moisturizer daily in August after washing my face, and have slowly seen my acne scar marks disappear ever since. I did not see immediate results, however, but religious use has left my skin in much better shape. The tone is restored, plus I’m now protected from the sun’s harmful rays since it has an SPF of 20. I would recommend it for anyone who is struggling with the same issues I am (and if you are, I feel for you!).

The Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturizer by Clinique can be found online at Clinique’s website.

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