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10-14-14 | Posted by

Cleansing oils have become de rigeur when once upon a time, you wouldn’t dream of using oil on your face. Shu Uemura was the trailblazer in this category. But now many brands have thrown their hats into the ring and we can’t seem to get enough of these little natural oils that go to work to get skin clean and clear.

Enter Clinique. Packaged in a pretty, lilac bottle, Clinique’s Take The Day Off Cleansing Oil ($27) dissolves every trace of makeup, excess oil, and dirt on your face without stripping your skin of essential oils to keep it looking radiant.




The gentle formula contains Triethylhexanoin, a natural oil-like ingredient derived from the Castor Bean Plant, which is known for its reddish-brown nubby rich seeds. The fragrance-free cleansing oil is to be applied to a dry face and gently massaged into the skin. It’s silky texture softly lathers your skin, and it’s safe for all skin types. Following up with a hot washcloth over your face is a great way to have that at-home spa feeling.

It is a fine complement to Clinique’s 3 Step System (cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize) especially for those skin types that are in need for a little bit more moisture overnight. Compared to other cleansing oils that I have tried, this one stands out because of its affordable price and it delivers on it promise to “take the day off” my face.



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