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Photo Credit: Matthew Minucci


06-24-13 | Posted by

When I heard about Clinique’s sensitive skin nail enamel, I was even more curious than if it was the latest skincare trend. After all, I had never heard of sensitive nails but I felt as though I must be missing something.

Leave it to Clinique to figure this out. They have discovered that we touch our eyes eyes about 200 times a day; therefore, nail enamel that is not properly formulated for sensitive skins can cause significant allergies or periorbital dermatitis, which is a facial rash that develops around the upper and lower eyelids. No thank you!

A Different Nail Enamel for Sensitive Skins(ARV $16)
This newly realized data inspired Clinique to devote six years of R&D to develop an industry first: A Different Nail Enamel for Sensitive Skins(ARV $16), which comes in various Limited Edition popsicle-like colors just in time for summer. This nail enamel is allergy tested and fragrance free, and the cosmetic chemists behind this nail enamel tested it for three years to ensure that the formula minimized skin sensitivity.

Clinique Sensitive Skin Nail Enamel

Photo Credit: Matthew Minucci

How the nail lacquers held up

The first thing I noticed when applying this nail lacquer is that it went on beautifully, and  (thankfully) streak-free. There is nothing worse than nail lacquer that comes out in lumpy, uneven layers. The color comes true to life in two coats, and the Sensitive Skin Nail enamel also has a base and top coat (in a white bottle) that accompanies the kit.  The thin, flat brush allows you to control the spread of the color and I was able to control it appropriately even when the color reached the cuticle.

The best part is that these nail lacquers may well be the best I have ever used in terms of glossy finish and long lasting power—and that’s a strong statement! My manicure stayed put for one week without chipping, and the glossy effect looked similar to a shellac polish.

Eye-popping Colors

Clinique Sensitive Skin Nail Enamel Swatches

Photo Credit: Matthew Minucci

The permanent colors include some of Clinique’s well-known shades, such as Black Honey, India Rock and Concrete Jungle. Limited edition colors  (swatched) included Grape Ice, Hula Skirt, Hot Date, and Strappy Sandals (a frosty gray). These are exactly the kind of colors you’d want to wear to the beach, or for a glam evening out. It’s certainly the kinds of colors you could wear to a destination wedding, too! All total, A Different Nail Enamel has 17 shades, plus a base and a top coat.

Tip: Try different Limited Edition shades on each digit for a Skittles/Starburst kind of look that’s very fun and on trend for summer.


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