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Photo Credit: sephora.com


02-07-14 | Posted by

Clinique has a thing for color. From its Chubby Sticks, which look like adult versions of crayons, to its Lid Smoothies, which come in cutesy colors like Impromt-Blue to Pinkgo Bilboa , the brand has never shied away from a technicolor display (except, of course, for its nudes).

But the new Cheek Pop—think of a crystal vase filled with bright gerber daisies—puts a little bit of youthfulness in a blush market that’s typically not terribly creative (except for say, Benefit Cosmetics, which has no fewer than 14 various types of blush, and each of them worth checking out). In fact, Cheek Pop ($21) is Clinique’s new wildly creative entry into the blush market, and one that places its four debutantes well out of the plain vanilla park (Clinique’s earlier Freshbloom Allover color was not blush specific enough for me).

Clinique Cheek Pop Blush

Photo Credit: sephora.com

Cheek Pop’s formulation is a smooth liquid that is transformed through a slow baking process into a powder feel. I first was introduced to baked blushes through Laura Geller, who bakes pretty much everything, from eye shadows to blushes. The advantage of baked blush over the traditional version is that it gives beautiful color, and the pigment lasts. Clinique Cheek Pop comes in four colors and promises the “just-pinched” fresh shades of Ginger Pop, Peach Pop, Berry Pop and Plum Pop.

The peach and berry shades are great for darker skin tones: the peach is especially appealing, with its coral-like, “Just back from Biarritz” appeal, and it also lasts for a substantial portion of the day (note: if you’re applying blush of this quality, please make sure your foundation matches, otherwise your face will look remarkably naked compared to your cheekbones). My recommendation is to apply this blush with a proper blush brush, to ensure that the silky formula glides on the skin quite effortlessly.

In contrast to many blushes on the market, this new quartet gives you color. Too many blushes fade away on skin, leaving behind a ghost of themselves and a lukewarm shade that hardly matches what you saw in the packaging (in this aspect, most blushes are like nail lacquers: what you see is not really what you get). But Clinique’s new blushes are the real deal.

They’re truly coming up daisies, in our books.




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