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New York Dermatologist Eric Schweiger believes that no one should have to deal with acne on his own. Everyone needs a partner for their acne treatment plan to work. So he created the concept of Personal Acne Coaches™— sort of like a Weight Watchers counselor—to guide you through the process. At the new Clear Clinic in the Flatiron district of New York City, he has a team of board-certified physician assistants who specialize in acne treatment to help patients navigate through the maze of treatment options, and to stay on track.

“Fifty million Americans have acne, but only ten million of them see a dermatologist,” says Schweiger. “That leaves forty million who are on their own. A lot of them are buying one size fits all products that aren’t working for them.”

Well, he certainly has a point. Without the benefit of a dermatologist or skincare professional, most people haven’t got a clue as to where to start to cope with chronic acne, and it’s not just teens and millennials who are affected. Acne does not discriminate. There has been a marked rise in cases of adult acne in women, and tweens getting their first pimples as young as age 10.

Schweiger’s Clear Clinic concept blends the best of medical advice with personalized services and products. He has created a line of 19 products that range from traditional acne fighting medicines like benzoyl peroxide to natural botanicals like green tea and a whole lot of other actives.

So how do you get started? Go online, fill out a series of questions about your acne issues, and schedule a video consultation with a personal acne coach who can help you understand how to use the recommended products correctly. On January 7, 2014, Clear Clinic is launching their @Home Division, which will offer personalized treatment from anywhere in the world. Their proprietary Clear Trackâ„¢ Complexion Monitoring System is a platform designed to enable patients to record their progress along the way from any mobile device. The good news is that this platform is also free for anyone with acne to use.

With three locations already in New York City—midtown, Flatiron, financial district—Clear Clinic expects to have their fourth open soon.

For more info, clearclinic.com

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