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Posted by 07.09.09


Photo credit: www.drugstore.com

Photo credit: www.drugstore.com

NEUTROGENA CONTINUOUS HYDRATION CREAM CLEANSER – This mild yet refreshing smelling cleanser is a dream.  Using a small amount, it  spreads easily, and provides your skin a gentle yet complete cleansing.  It leaves your face feeling fresh, clean, hydrated, and moisturized.  I have sensitive skin and get very red following exercise or any sun exposure (even with proper sunscreen).  This cleanser is gentle enough for my skin, but seems to completely remove the grim from a workout, make-up, sunscreen, and sand.  I especially like  that even if I forget to moisturize after this cleanser, my face never feels dry or peely.  This is the perfect cleanser for your gym or beach bag. 

FINAL VERDICT – BOB – Beauty on a Budget – At $7.99 for 5.1 oz you can’t beat this feeling or price.  This has a permanent place in my bag.

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