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Photo Credit: Envy Medical


04-23-14 | Posted by

Got spots, zits, pimples? What you really want is fast, powerful relief —but without the irritation, redness and flaking of some prescription drugs.

The ClarityMD Acne Solution System from Envy Medical is a simple 2-step system that consists of the gentle, yet effective Deep Pore Cleanser and the amazing Clarifying Gel. In fact, a recent study showed volunteers achieved a 59% clearance of acne in just 7 days, and over 90% in 14 days.

The patent-pending formula contains PCX Technology, a revolutionary multifunctional formulation that addresses all of the primary causes of acne. ClarityMD is the first and only acne treatment to feature fully solubilized bakuchiol (a strong antimicrobial plant-extract) for better penetration down to the base of your pores where acne starts. Combined with salicylic acid, this natural botanical ingredient works to clear acne faster than other acne brands to address and eliminate the main problems associated with acne, including bacterial infection, clogged pores, increased oil production, redness, inflammation, and even the post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) that occurs when acne lesions take months to heal and fade away.

Best of all—ClarityMD does all of this with NO alcohol, NO parabens, NO harsh preservatives, and NO benzoyl peroxide. So it’s gentle on your skin and actually improves the tone and texture of your skin while getting ride of blemishes. The ClarityMD Acne Solution Kit lasts about six weeks if used twice daily for full facial treatment.

BUY CLARITYMD NOW AT A SplashShop-Special Price – Regularly $59.95, get it for $49.95 for a limited time!  splashshop.suntimes.com/envymedical/claritymd-acne-solution-kit

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