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04-01-13 | Posted by

Sometimes there is nothing better than a classic, except when a classic is regularly updated with cutting-edge research and technology. Enter Clarins Double Serum Complete Age Control Concentrate ($85), an anti-ager that first hit the beauty scene in 1985. Since then, it has been updated seven times, but each reformulation has remained true to its mission of reactivating five vital skin functions: hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, protection, and regeneration.

“We reached a quality in this reformulation that was never reached before,” said Christian Courtin-Clarins, worldwide president and CEO of Clarins, at a recent press event in New York City.

Throughout the years, one thing has stayed the same: Double Serum’s dual phase system. The treatment actually comprises two separate formulas, one hydric (water soluble) and the other lipidic (oil soluble). As in the case of most vinaigrettes, water and oil don’t like to mix. Not so with the serum, two chambers keep the two phases separate, until they are applied. One squirt on the hand and you mix the two formulations together right on the spot.

As for usage, clinical tests show that best results appear after four weeks: 87% of women reported firmer skin and 79% had fewer wrinkles. Now, honestly, I haven’t had a chance to use Double Serum for four weeks, but after a couple of days I definitely had smoother and more radiant skin. And unlike many serums, this one really is very hydrating. Can’t wait for the firming benefits to kick in.

Like all Clarins products, the serum includes powerful botanicals blended with high-tech molecules, a practice that dates back to 1954, when Jacques Courtins-Clarins founded the company. “The first product that my father made started with a plant extract,” said Courtin-Clarins.

The updated serum contains no less than 20 plant extracts such as macadamia nut, kiwi, arnica, quinoa, and green banana.

It is formulated for use in the morning and/or evening in conjunction with your regular skincare routine.

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