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05-20-14 | Posted by

A dream of a concealer, the new ck one 3-in-1 concealer  ($20) looks as unisex as the famous ck one fragrance: but that’s not to say your boyfriend is going to spring for this wunderkind anytime soon.

The new concealer primes skin, covers spots, and illuminates all in one fell swoop. With an easy click-pen applicator, the pen dispenses just the right amount of concealer, unlike many competitors that give you too much or too little. The formula is infused with amino-acid treated pigment technology as well as vitamins C and C to hide imperfections and fight free radicals.

At first I thought that this concealer would cater to fairer skin types, but I was wrong: there are four shades (light, light medium, medium, and medium deep) and the deep works well for me but I suspect it will fall a bit short for extremely dark complexions. The price point ($20) is also attractive considering that many other top brand concealers like the Lancôme Maquicomplet costs $30.50 and up.

The best way to apply this concealer is simple: wash your face and pat it dry, making sure that your under eye area is dry as well. Turn the pen one click clockwise and use the velvety brush to dispense the appropriate amount underneath your eyes and on any dark spots you want to hide. While you can use the brush I actually found it much easier to use my hand or a Beauty Blender sponge to make sure that it really disappears into the skin.

The concealer goes on with a matte finish, and there is absolutely no trace of dewiness or oiliness. While this is not the first foray by the brand into the world of concealers (ck one mousse concealer compact costs $20 as well), it is the first click-pen concealer offered by the brand, and one that is most visually appealing—it looks like a vial of perfume. A small window in the pen shows you the exact shade you’re purchasing as well. This is a great choice for those who want good matte coverage that also highlights skin so you can look your best.

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