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05-01-13 | Posted by

If you loved drawing or doodling on a chalkboard as a kid, then you’ll love the new kid on the nail art block: the Chalkboard Manicure by Ciaté’ Nails.

The English nail art company is something of a trailblazer: it’s created caviar nails, a sumptuous velvet manicure with purple crushed velvet powder, and now, the chalkboard manicure.

Basically a “reverse” manicure (the black chalkboard matte base is the canvas upon which you doodle), the chalkboard manicure allows you to sketch nail art as though you were a kid again—you can doodle and squiggle to your heart’s desire. A very whimsical concept, this was the brainchild of founder and creative director Charlotte Knight, who loved the nostalgia of chalk crayons.

Ciate Chalkboard Manicure

At a recent event, I watched this technique come to life and felt very much as though I was back at school, which is precisely the idea. A Chalkboard Manicure kit contains everything that you need:

  • Mini liquid chalk pens;
  • Ciaté’ Chalkboard Paint Pot;
  • Mattnificient Top Coat.

The way you create these chalkboard nails is very simple indeed. Start off with clean, filed nails, and use a cuticle oil to help push back or cut cuticles. On dry nail, apply two coats of matte black Chalkboard Paint Pot, and allow your nails to dry. Now, you can pretty much let your imagination run wild and take your mini chalk pen and press onto the nail gently to release the liquid chalk. You can doodle, paint French manicures on your tips, or design whatever you’d like.

The best part of the Chalkboard mani is that you can rinse your hands with water in case you make a mistake—the matte base coat functions exactly as a chalkboard! Once you are satisfied with the results, use the included topcoat to seal your masterpiece. It all can be removed with regular polish remover.

The 250-bristle flat brush applies polish evenly and easily on our nails. The manicure lasted three days without chipping, and we recommend using a chip-free top coat like Essie’s to prolong wear. We’re hooked, line and sinker, to this new Chalkboard mani which gave us endless inspiration and fun.

The Ciaté’ Chalkboard Manicure kit retails for $25 at Sephora from May to July 2013, then at other top stores including Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom in August. It is also free of phthalates, toulene, and formaldehyde (aka “3 Free”). We are also in love with other Ciaté launches including their Caviar, Velvet and Colorfoil manicures. Note: the chalkboard is a limited edition, so stock up before it’s gone!

Becoming a kid again was never so fun!


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