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03-24-15 | Posted by

When Clairol appointed Christina Hendricks as Nice ‘n Easy Hair Color Ambassador in January, her hair was still fiery, brick red, every bit the Mad Men icon we’ve come to recognize and love.

But she recently went back to her roots, ditching the red for gorgeous blonde locks, a shade she hasn’t been since her teenage years. As a gesture to youth and a testament that hair color really does make a huge difference, Hendricks’ hair color shift comes at a pivotal moment in her career, when she transitions from her Mad Men role to greener pastures.

Hendricks colored her hair with Nice ‘n Easy Permanent Color in 8G, Natural Medium Golden Blonde and naturally she used a professional hair colorist for the job. But the brand promises that with 45 shades to choose from, the color will always be true to you.

Changing her hair color marks both a personal and emotional expression for Hendricks, who says “I know that a hair color change can be emotional. Some people remember certain times in their life by the people they were with at the time, someone they were dating, or their job, whereas I often relate memories to what color my hair was at the time. My high school job was working in a salon as a shampoo girl, so I was used to seeing people transform themselves with their hair, which is why it has always been significant to me. I can’t wait to help give women the confidence to shift a shade and still look and feel like their most amazing selves.”

Christina Hendricks (credit: Clairol)

Christina Hendricks (credit: Clairol)

The Nice’n Easy Shift a Shade advertising campaign featuring Christina’s new blonde hair shade will air April 2015 but in the meantime, here are some tips to find your perfect hair hue:

  • If you’re doing with a drastic hair color change, seek professional guidance (for example, if you’re a strawberry blonde aiming for brunette tresses, that’s one thing because it’s a tad easier to go from pale to dark, but really tougher to do it the other way around). Remember, hair color is an investment.
  • If you’re worried about the exact shade, do a small patch test on the tips of your hair;
  • Follow the instructions on the box to a tee, including getting the timing right. Many go wrong because they don’t read and execute the instructions precisely;
  • Get a friend to help you, and relax!

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