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Posted by 08.05.09

PHOTO CREDIT: kiehls.com

PHOTO CREDIT: kiehls.com

I avoided the pool for years.  It was bad for me; chlorine damaged my hair, swimsuits damaged my pride, it seemed that no good could come from swimming.  Last summer when I was extremely pregnant and extremely uncomfortable my yoga teacher suggested that I might find some relief in the pool.  I was ready to suck it up, but the smell of chlorine on my hair and skin literally made me gag.  Thankfully a good friend tipped me off to Kiehl’s ALL-SPORT SWIMMER’S RINSE FOR HAIR AND BODY.  This smart multi-tasker’s key ingredient, Sodium Thiosulfate, neutralizes chlorine, bromine and calcium, staving off smelly, parched skin and hair.  A little goes a long way, and really eliminates every last trace of chlorine.  I follow up with my regular conditioner and body wash and I’m good to go.  A year after my initial discovery, I’m back in the pool at least once a week for swim lessons with my little one and this stuff is still a fixture in my bag.  I haven’t found anything that comes close to it.

FINAL VERDICT – RDW Run Don’t Walk – If you are doing anything beyond dipping your feet in the water then this is an absolute necessity.  One $18 bottle will last all summer long and your skin and hair will thank you.

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  1. janetcraig Says:

    I am an ardent swimmer (3 miles at a time). I have long dark, died hair. I have used this product before, but have found a method that is a lot more effective for me. I wet my hair before I swim, cover it in a hair mask or deep conditioner and then put on my latex swim cap. My hair stays protected and gets deep conditioned at the same time.

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