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07-08-09 | Posted by

I’m so thrilled to join the Bag Ladies here at BeautyInTheBag!

I live on the North Shore of Chicago with my husband, 11 month old son and our beloved dachshund.  As one of four girls, I can testify that the best beauty advice is typically transmitted between smart women of different generations.  My mom, sisters and girlfriends have always been my most trusted poison testers on the cosmetics, skin and hair care front, and I love to share my great discoveries with them.

As my life changes my beauty regimen changes; with a baby at home and a busy freelance writing career I’m learning to balance certain high maintenance tendencies with an absolute dearth of spare time.  I’m learning that beauty does not have to be an all-or-nothing proposition.  In the first few months after my son’s birth I seriously looked like something you might pull out of your drain, and because I work at home nobody was the wiser.  Finally I remembered that feeling cute and taking care of myself makes me feel more confident, and that translates into every facet of my personal and professional life.

My lifelong beauty obsessions include frizz-free hair and flawless skin.  Today I’m feeling really good about my eyebrows, groomed to perfection by the same woman who takes care of my mom and sisters.  It really is a family affair.

Regards from Roni


  1. MWC Says:

    WELCOME RONI – we are thrilled to have you on the team. Your insights and enthusiasm are fabulous!

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