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01-27-14 | Posted by

Many of us remember Suzanne “Suzy” Chaffee, the former Olympic alpine ski racer and actress who became the face of Chapstick in the late 1970s. And now for the first time in a decade, there’s a new spokesperson for the 125-year-old iconic brand. It’s Alex Morgan, the 24-year-old soccer sensation and US Women’s National Soccer Team Olympic Gold Medalist.

Morgan’s lips, energy, and enthusiasm are encouraging a whole new generation of women and men to protect their pout with Chapstick 2.0.

The new campaign—Put Your Lips First—is all about lip health. We worry so much about our skin’s health, but don’t really pay attention to our lip’s well being. We want our lips to be pouty and kissable, but our concerns tend to stop there.

Alex Morgan at the Chapstick press event at Chealsea Piers, NYC.

Alex Morgan at the Chapstick press event at Chealsea Piers, NYC.

The truth is our lips dry out faster than any other skin on our body—especially during a Polar Vortex. Lips are also ultravulnerable to the sun’s ultraviolet rays because they lack protective pigmentation and melanin, and you can get skin cancer on your lips.

Other factors that can erode our lips may also be surprising. Licking your lips? Not such a good idea because the enzymes in your saliva break down the skin’s protective barrier. Certain foods too can take their toll on your pucker. Advancing age also affects the look and feel of your lips.

Not Your Grandmother’s Chapstick, Anymore

Enter the new and improved Chapstick. The new formulation addresses all of these lip health concerns. It “locks in” moisture for 8 hours and is replete with the antioxidant powerhouse CoQ10 and hyaluronic spheres to support soft and plump puckers. The new formula also includes a host of moisturizers including aloe. Some offer various degrees of sun protection factor (SPF) from 15 all the way up the totem pole to SPF 50.

Today’s Chapstick is not as waxy and bland as you may remember.

Not by a long shot.

Gone is the stubby black and white tube, the new Chapstick goes on smoothly and looks a lot flashier than the Chapstick of yore. The flavors also rock including the Mixstix line with two flavors that can be used together or separately such as green apple and caramel (a crowd pleaser, for sure.) Others include Strawberry Banana Smoothie and Lemon Berry Sorbet. And of course, no image makeover is replete without a hashtag —#chapstickplease.


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