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01-17-13 | Posted by

Who did you think had the best celebrity hair of 2012? What were your favorite nail trends of 2012? In the Sally Beauty Supply Best Tressed Survey, the 19th annual edition, 1,000 women were asked just this.

According to the polls, women felt that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, had the best celebrity hair. Following Kate was actress Sofia Vergara, from Modern Family, and Taylor Swift, the perky American singer-songwriter. As for best celebrity hair for men, the survey says that Brad Pitt, followed by Ryan Seacrest, and Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte had the most covetable tresses. And don’t look to Snooki, of Jersey Shore fame, or the cast of the reality show, Duck Dynasty, for hair inspiration any time soon. The poll showed that these reality stars are believed to have the worst celebrity hair.

Photo Credit: zimbio.com

Photo Credit: zimbio.com

Of course it wasn’t just about celebrities. Survey participants also shared their own personal dos and don’ts of hair care. 39% of the women said that if they could change anything about their hair, it would be the texture. “Health” came in second with 21%. According to 31% of women, braids were the best trend of 2012 followed by pixie cuts (inspired by Anne Hathaway’s Les Mis cut, perhaps?) and colored streaks. And with all the new gadgets out there, the blow dryer is still a tried and true favorite: nearly 60% of the women said that they can’t live without one!

Photo Credit: zimbio.com

Photo Credit: zimbio.com

Sally Beauty also asked women about their nails. Out ranking French, fire-engine red, and “dark but mysterious,” pale pink was named the go-to nail color by 44% of women. The versatile color won the coveted spot because it complements a conservative work wardrobe and won’t clash with most outfits. For some eye-catching nail art trend, glitter, and rhinestones were voted top favorite by 30% followed by geometric nail patterns in second place. When getting a manicure, it seems that almost half of women (45%) preferred oval-shaped nails. And if you’re worried about not taking enough trips to the nail salon this winter, you’re not alone. Only half of all women surveyed said that they keep their toes polished in the winter.

What do you think will be the hair and nail trends of 2013? Who do you think will win “Best Celebrity Hair?”

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