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10-09-12 | Posted by

Which celebrity hairstyle and color is most in demand by salon goers? It’s Emma Stone‘s pre-blonde, red tinged chocolate colored locks, according to Frank Friscioni, Co-Director of Color at Manhattan’s Oscar Blandi Salon.

“Unlike most stylists and colorists, I encourage my clients to bring in clips and photos of celebrities who they admire,” stated Frisconi, who is also a partner in his own salon in Pam Beach called Frank Cassi Beauty.”It’s a great jumping off point for a consultation and I like to use them as a frame of reference.”

Altogether, Frank has noticed a trend involving 11 celebrities whose tresses are most requested.

  • Emma Stone: now a blonde, fans still covet her former reddish chocolate color
  • Blake Lively: blonde contrast that makes heads turn
  • Emma Watson: a shining example of brunette low-lights
  • Katie Holmes: versatile length and layers that work for day and night
  • Reese Witherspoon: women love her bangs. It’s “instant-youth!”
  • Kate Middleton: her rich color and waves are admired by many
  • Natalie Portman: eye catching coppery-brown locks
  • Jessica Westfeldt: glamorous texture, body and bounce
  • Carrie Underwood: blonde with silvery streaks add pizzazz
  • Ashley Green: deep auburn red is perfect for fall
  • Jennifer Hudson: super shiny black tresses are always in demand

Photo Credit: spaweek.com

While hair clients are known to bring in torn-out pages from magazines that feature their hair idols, fame alone doesn’t garner a tear-out. Frank says that “not a one” of his clients has brought in a picture of an Olympic athlete.

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