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01-09-18 | Posted by

At a recent RoC Skincare event a question was posed to the editors, bloggers and other attendees: Do you look great or do you look great for your age?

According to a nationwide survey, in the last year, 82% of women have been told they look great for their age. How would you answer? Sadly, many of us in attendance answered that we look great for our age. Society had turned us into ageists. When you think about it for a moment you might come to the same conclusion that I eventually did…I just want to look great, not great for my age. Studies have shown that backhanded compliments like this negatively affect women in their levels of self-confidence, and impact how they act, feel, and present themselves to the world. When it comes to beauty, age should never be part of the equation.

At the event, NYC-based board-certified dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Hale was on hand to share facts as well as personal insights from her practice. She also posed questions to accomplished actress Thandie Newton, who has partnered with RoC, to open the discussion on societal expectations placed on women as they age, to strike disingenuous compliments like “You look good…for your age” from our vocabulary, and to spread the word about RoC’s #ForYourAge campaign, which drives home the point that women can always look great…regardless of what age stage they’re at.

At the event’s conclusion, I was given a sample of RoC Retinol Correction MAX Daily Hydration Creme ($28.99) and have been using it just over a month now. It blends powerful retinol with a super hydrating and long-lasting moisturizer for results that include softer, smoother, more radiant skin in a week, diminished under eye wrinkles and lines in a month, and visibly reduced deep wrinkles and dark spots in 8 weeks. So far I’m very happy with the progress I’m making. My complexion does look great, more radiant than it did and less “tired” looking. I also love that the formula’s retinol doesn’t dry out or irritate my skin at all — something that has happened to me in the past when I have sampled other retinol-based products.

Thandie’s philosophy of, “Life is an exciting, beautiful journey, and we discover ourselves in it a bit more every day. And choosing products to help us figure out who our best self is, love the journey and fearlessly progress toward the destination is where the future (and fun) of beauty should lie,” is one I can readily get on board with. I try to preach body and beauty positivity day in and day out and firmly believe that age truly is just a number. Though many women I know balk at sharing their true age with others, I’ve never minded telling people how old I am and at age 52 I’m certainly not going to start now!

RoC Retinol Correction MAX Daily Hydration Creme ($28.99) is available January 2018.



*NOTE: RoC partnered with Wakefield Research on this nationwide survey of 1,000 women aged 40+.

A sample of RoC Retinol Correction MAX Daily Hydration Creme was given complimentary for review. Opinions are my own.

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