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Photo Credit: Caudalie


11-21-13 | Posted by

Time doesn’t stand still, even for beauty product classics. First, Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer became edgier and more protective in its 2013 version. Now, the French company Caudalie, whose spritz-style Beauty Elixir is a makeup artist paramour, especially during Fashion Week, received a fresh facelift from model-turned-designer L’Wren Scott in a Limited Edition bottle ($49).

The Elixir launched in 1996 as a coveted  hybrid: part serum and part toner. Everyone from catwalk regulars to actresses snapped up the mist, and 16 products have been sold each hour since the launch (that’s well over 2 million bottles). Given its popularity, why mess with the formulation? “We didn’t,” says Mathilde Thomas, the brand’s founder. “The spritz is the original formula on the inside.” The ingredients (grape pulp, rosemary, peppermint, orange blossom ,and rose, with benzoin to soothe) invigorate skin, minimize pores, and perform other minor miracles.

But like a tomboy donning a gown for a debutante ball, the translucent bottle, which originally had a design of grapes that seem penciled on it, grew up a bit. Inspired by Austrian painter Gustav Klimt, the L’Wren Scott version features voluptuous vine-like swirls of mosaics in raised glossy black. It’s a very coming-of-age look.

The Elixir is beloved by makeup artists, models, and the like with good reason: one spritz is enough to cool your face down (great for after a gym workout or a day at the beach), and the result is invigorated,  fresh, and radiant skin. Plus, like the Evian Brumisateur (but with a refreshing scent), this Elixir contains resveratrol, an anti-aging powerhouse of an ingredient that is the brand’s signature.

The decision to give the Elixir new clothes was an easy one to make for Ms. Scott, who “has been enamored by the product since its launch,” she says. Which is why Ms. Thomas invited her to design it in the first place. We hear there was hardly a hesitation to say “yes.”

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