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06-02-14 | Posted by

Twenty-five years is not a long time for true love. And that’s what Calvin Klein believes, as he launched two timeless limited edition bottles of Eternity to celebrate the fragrance’s 25th anniversary.

The bottles, released to celebrate love and intimacy, are works of art: the commemorative flasks come in a polished silver finish as shiny as wedding bands themselves. The original Eternity fragrance, released in 1989, was positioned as a romantic scent with notes of freesia, mandarin, sage, muguet, white lily, patchouli, and sandalwood. It was inspired by a wedding band that the Duke of Windsor gave to his beloved Duchess: a band of diamonds inscribed with the word Eternity.

The 25th anniversary editions add an edgy twist to the classic fragrances for men and women, and even better, these are presented in collectible flasks.

In the women’s anniversary edition, notes of marigold, narcissus, and amber have been added for edgy presence. The men’s version includes green botanics, jasmine, basil, geranium, tarragon, and cedarwood.

The women’s fragrance is crisp but not loud: I have to admit, it is not the typical fragrance I think of when the word “romantic” comes to mind, but it is extremely modern and Calvin Klein, which is to say, alluring and enigmatic—like a movie by Frederico Fellini. The advertising campaign, with a male and female model (Christy Turlington) in black and white is very minimalist, but mysterious.

In addition to the limited edition fragrance bottles, the brand will launch the Eternity Project, a global philanthropic initiative, designed to foster the meaning of love and commitment through various partnerships and projects, one of which will be Every Mother Counts that works to end preventable deaths caused by pregnancy and childbirth around the world.

The female eau de parfum spray retails for $81 and the men’s version retails for $71 and they are collectibles in every sense of the word.


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