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Posted by 02.07.09



L’OCCITANE SHEA BUTTER FOOT CREAM – As you can tell from my other posts, I am totally into natural, organic and simple beauty products. L’Occitane is one of those brands. The French didn’t exactly invent shea butter but they made it chic. It is a rich emollient agent and for dry skin, like feet, heels, hands and elbows, it can’t be beat. The foot cream also has arnica to help swollen feet that have been pounding the pavement all day. It’s a treat for your feet.

FINAL VERDICT – GGI (Gotta Get It) – Love this stuff. The aluminum tube has that old world charm that brings you back to Provence every time you use it. 

2 Responses to “BUTTER MY TOOTSIES”

  1. needitbad Says:

    I got the hand cream and it’s so nice. Love the smell too.

  2. emmababe Says:

    Hey also try the hand cream – really soften dried out cuticles and makes your hands baby soft…LOL

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