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Posted by 08.12.09


AMLACTIN XL MOISTURIZING LOTION ULTRAPLEX FORMULATION–  OK, so it’s not sexy. The white plastic tube  isn’t very pretty. The texture is a little on the tacky, sticky side. And the name – well, it’s not French or Italian and it certainly doesn’t roll off your tongue. BUT if you want a moisturizer for your body – arms, legs, torso, hands and feet – that really delivers smooth, clear, hydrated skin, look no further. You know those little bumps known as ‘keratosis pilaris’ that show up on the backs of your upper arms and thighs and buttocks? They are actually caused by clogged hair follicles. Amlactin is THE dermatologists’ cure for those too.  There are 4 varieties to choose from – Amlactin Moisturizing Body Lotion and Body Cream, Amlactin XL Moisturizing Body Lotion (for xtra dry skin), and Foot Cream Therapy for great looking sandal feet. The main ingredients are a highly concentrated blend of alpha hydroxy acids. I even know a few people who use this as a facial moisturizer, but it really isn’t elegant enough for my tastes.

FINAL VERDICT: BOB – Beauty on a Budget – For the 5.6 ounce tube, this runs about $36, and is an absolute MUST HAVE. Find it at your pharmacy – but no prescription is required.

Visit www.amlactin.com to download coupons of $1 to $5 off.

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