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06-12-12 | Posted by

There’s something so poetic about eye shadow that stays in place for a long time. An eye shadow that is crease free, highly pigmented, stylish yet  remaining true to color for a full 24 hours is something miraculous.L’Oréal’s Infallible 24 HR Eye Shadow ($7.95) is just possibly the first mass marketplace eye shadow with a 24 hour formula. The velvet-soft formula blends beautifully, and offers a wide range of shades in 10 pearl and 2 matte textures. You’ll find the blues, purples, golds and now 6 new shades – perfect for summer.

The new shades are Liquid Diamond, Golden Emerald, Endless Sea, Glistening Garnet, Bottomless Java, Smoldering Plum, and will be available in July 2012, joining the other 12 that debuted January 2012. The new velvet-soft eye shadow is luminous and extremely shiny, but blendable. They promise to be crease resistant, and they shimmer beautifully. Like jewels on your eyelids, the shadows are so intensely pigmented that you can use them softly for an understated but elegant day/office look, and a rich a glamorous evening look.

What’s interesting about these shades is that they work for both summer AND fall. Smoldering Plum is not something I’d wear during the day but I would take it out of my purse at night for a glamorous smokey eye, perfectly paired with a cat eye or thick liner à la Brigitte Bardot.  The summery shades I would veer more towards include Liquid Diamond and Endless Sea, which is a beautiful pairing that looks both glamorous and ethereal.

The common complaint of eye shadow wearing off in a few hours is pretty moot with Infallible 24 HR Eye Shadow, and for the first time, a highly affordable eye makeup really does deliver the goods. What I love about these shadows is that they’re malleable and don’t need a lot of maintenance. You don’t need to use a primer, and just a little swipe of color with a brush will give you that shimmer that’s definitely noticeable.

The shadows come off easily with soap and water, or  eye makeup remover.


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