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Posted by 08.12.09


Photo Credit: Ulta.com

Photo Credit: Ulta.com

ULTA PROFESSIONAL BRUSH CLEANER – It isn’t the sexiest subject, but keeping makeup brushes clean is a beauty priority that ranks right up there with moisturizing and flossing.  It’s absolutely imperative, yet many women skip the step altogether.  So, you’ve spent a fortune on your cosmetics and skincare and tracked down the best and brightest, but you’re using dirty brushes?  Why not just apply makeup with a petri dish, because you will achieve the same effect.  Bacteria face is never a good look.  Beyond that, unless you have a dedicated brush for each product and color, you’ll make a mucky, messy mix by dipping your dirty brush in different pots.

A makeup artist friend of mine urges all of her clients to shampoo their brushes every week or two (yes, with shampoo), but in between those washings she swears by spray brush cleaner.  Ulta Professional Brush Cleaner fits the bill perfectly, but I’ve tweaked my technique for daily use.  Instead of rotating the brush while spraying as the label suggests, I take a clean white washcloth or paper towel and give it a few spritzes.  Then I take my brush and run it back and forth over the damp surface until it no longer leaves a mark.  Since the brush isn’t saturated it dries quickly enough to use in just a few moments.  This is key for beloved brushes that might be used for more than one color or product.

Ulta Professional Brush Cleaner is exactly what I want from a brush cleaner – no nonsense.  The minimal, clear bottle makes it easy to see when it’s time for more, and the spray top works well.  Unlike other cleaners on the market, it does the job without any heavy fragrance or oily residue.

Seriously.  You can pull out all of the skincare stops in the book, but if your brushes are skanky then your skin will be too.  Don’t make the dermatologists cry.  Keep your brushes clean.  A bottle of Ulta Professional Brush Cleaner is $12 and will last a really long time.  Go.  Buy it.  Now.

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