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Still using nylon  or plastic bristles that pull out delicate strands?  Or is your brush missing more than a few pins that got stuck in your hair? Well it’s about time you invested in the health of your hair with one great brush for all seasons. Quality lasts for quite a few good years, so you won’t have to replace your brush often.

Natural boar bristles will be easier on your hair than garden variety plastic brushes. Natural bristles also help to distribute oil from scalp to ends where you need it and increase shine. The worst kind of brushes for your hair are plastic or nylon that have double bristles of two different lengths. These can damage hair and cause breakage. All natural bristles are typically best for fine, thin hair, whereas all nylon brushes can be fine for coarse or thick hair.  A more affordable option than pure natural bristles are combination boar and nylon, which work well for medium textured hair. Nylon bristles will not break your, while boar bristles slide through hair easily to stimulate circulation under the scalp.

Lastly, ceramic and thermal brushes are a more recent innovation, used to minimize damage and frizz from hot hair appliances.  Ionic coating on styling tools also tends to help with static, flyaways, and to add smoothing and shine.

Choosing the right brush for your hair’s needs should be based on what you are going to use it for.

ROUND BRUSH  – best for blowouts to add volume and root lift; large round brushes are best if you have a lot of hair, smaller diameter round bruses make smaller curls and flips.  One of the newer styles are hourglass shaped round brushes that allow you to control hair better.

PADDLE BRUSH – good for detangling , these basic brushes can be square or rectangular, everyone needs one of these

OVAL PADDLE BRUSH -  good for straightening hair, bangs, basic blow drying too

TEASING BRUSH – used to uplift roots and crate volume for fine, thin, limp hair, may have prongs on one end to lift and separate


DENMAN – Another British brand that is a good alternative to some of the Mason Pearson styles, quality but affordable. The rubber paddle brush is a favorite for detangling for around $15, www.denmanbrush.com

FEKKAI – Limited selection but natural boar combo with nylon round brush scores high mark, www.fekkai.com

MASON PEARSON – Widely considered the Rolls Royce of brushes at prices starting at $65 and go up to about $175, known for pristine quality natural boar bristles. MP brushes will last for a decade or longer. Makes a fabulous gift! www.masonpearson.com

SPORNETTE – Large reasonably priced selection of all sort of sizes, shapes and varied materials for professionals. Try the 646  2 inch Porcupine Round Brush for about $10 at hair stylist supply shops

KENT – Another English maker offering exclusive handmade natural bristle brushes that come in a red leather presentation case for safe keeping. Kent makes expensive brushes designed to last, but they also offer rubber bristles, padded brushes and wood handles at drugstore prices. www.kentbrushes.com

GHD – The UK based maker of high quality flat irons also makes great brushes and styling products, especially their Anti-Static Ceramic Brush.  www.ghdhair.com

T3 – Popular for trendy flat irons, curling appliances and dryers, T3 makes hair tools too, like their Anti-Gravity trio collection, www.T3micro.com

METROPOLIS BRUSH –  Maker of an extensive collection of brushes for hair pros, this popular brand can be found at beauty supply stores and specializes in high tech tools that are problem solvers. Try the Silver Nano Ionic Paddle Brush to smooth out your style for about $18

FOR BARGAINS ON BRUSHES, VISIT www.folica.com, www.metrobeauty.com

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