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Posted by 08.07.09


Photo Credit: Drugstore.com

RIMMEL NATURAL BRONZER – I recently lost my makeup bag while at a skincare convention.  Not having access to my “go to” products, I found myself at a drug store gazing through the aisles, in search of the perfect bronzer – one that would not make me look overly shimmery or glittery.  My goal in wearing bronzer is to simply get a warm glow all over. ENTER RIMMEL.  I was once told that my idol Joan Collins used Rimmel’s magenta lipstick as a standby, and I was curious.  Losing my bag of facial tools gave me the perfect opportunity to try something from the line. Rimmel’s Natural Bronzer comes in three shades. I selected Sundance # 27, which can definitely hold its own in supporting color on pale skin that’s been protected by SPF30 for many years. Sundance comes in a round disc shaped compact with a clear lid that enables you to see the exact color you’re getting. I was drawn to the  bronzer because the clear lid let me view the cute sun burst which is etched into the actual powder in the compact. Rimmel’s Natural Bronzer is a smooth golden bronze palate with very, very micro fine pieces of shimmer gently blended with minerals. The bronzer produces a healthy look.  It lasts throughout the work day, giving me a light, natural looking sunless tan without any glitz and glitter… I can kiss my husband without seeing sparkly crystals on his cheek. 

FINAL VERDICT – BOB (BEAUTY ON A BUDGET) – The cost was friendly at $6.99. I’ve been using it for over a week and am confident that it will look good on my fair skin any time of the year. Hello Sunshine!

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