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07-31-15 | Posted by

The latest new hair color trend for brunettes is bronde (nope, not a typo!), a blend of strategically placed blonde shades that give you a walk on the lighter side while still maintaining your brown locks. The trick to going bronde is to have a lot of your natural hair color around the crown of the head and the hairline and adding slightly lighter, complimentary ribbons starting at cheekbone level or lower so that your own shade blends very naturally with it. The contrast between your roots and the lighter hue shouldn’t be more than a few shades different so the end result is added dimension and movement rather than too much color contrast. A medium to dark golden honey blonde works for most brunettes and keeps it from looking too contrasty, but your colorist can advise you what works best for you.

When done right, going bronde will flatter and brighten your complexion while adding a bit of glow to your mane. Since the highlights are not added to the root area there should be no obvious regrowth making it a color trend with very low maintenance, requiring touch-ups only two to three times per year. For inspiration look to celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Chrissy Tiegen and Giselle Bundchen who have all perfected the look.

We turned to Tiffanie Richards, colorist at Nunzio Saviano’s NYC salon for tips on how to keep your new bronde head of hair looking like you just stepped out of the salon.

Here’s what she had to say:

1. Bronde hair color is pretty low maintenance. Once the highlights are in place it’s easy to maintain. The highest highlights are usually around the face. As these grow out you may want to touch them up so it keeps the look fresh as the rest of the highlights grow out effortlessly.

2. A gloss in between highlights can keep the harsh brass tones away. If you notice your highlights are oxidizing or becoming brassy from natural elements a quick pop into the salon for a 5-10 minute toner will do the trick.

3. Shampoos and conditioners with a purple hue to them are great to use after getting your bronde highlights but don’t use them more than once or twice a week, at the most. The purple tint in the shampoo and conditioner neutralizes the unwanted warmth. However, with natural or artificial brown tones throughout your hair, you’ll want to maintain some warmth to keep the two colors complementary with one another.

4. Protect your hair from fading by investing in an spf for the hair. Hats are also always a colored head of hair’s best friend. Both will protect the hair and prevent the honey tones from bleaching out to an unwanted yellow or pale blonde.

5. Condition, condition, condition! I cannot stress enough how important conditioner is for any type of highlighted hair. Conditioner will moisturize the hair and keep it super shiny which will accentuate the vibrance of the different tones throughout the hair. The healthier highlights stay (especially golden highlights) the more amazing they look.

Bye Bye Brass! Here, 3 Purple Products to Tone it Down:

Biosilk Color Therapy Cool Blonde Shampoo ($16) is a sulfate and paraben-free shampoo formulated with rooibos, bamboo extract and silk protein to protect and cleanse and balance blonde tones.



Joico Color Endure Violet Shampoo ($16) is formulated with a peptide complex, antioxidants, and UV protectants to strengthen strands, fight fading and protect color.



John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Correct Cleansing Treatment ($10) a 6 in 1 cleansing treatment — can be used to neutralize brassiness, brighten blonde tones in color treated hair, revitalize color, cleanse hair, soften strands, and boost shine.



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