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02-01-13 | Posted by

Just ask any little girl, and they will tell you what they really, really want to be when they grow up. The answer? A princess, of course! For many, dressing up as one for Halloween or other occasions just never feels like enough, and it may not be. (Disney alone has 10 princesses to choose from!)

And little girls may never fully grow out of this phase. The fantasy may just morph a bit. Instead of becoming a princess, many women are happy to simply look like one—especially if she looks like the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Elizabeth “Kate” Middleton, the pregnant wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge (son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana). As many a royal watcher knows, she will never be called Princess Kate. Instead, Kate will be known formally as Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge or Princess William.

Legions of girls no longer want flowing gowns and sparkly crowns, they want a nose worthy of a princess—even one who goes by William! The number of women requesting noses that resemble the Duchess of Cambridge’s has tripled since 2011, according to UK media reports. The Daily Mail actually featured three women who had their profiles altered so their noses look more like Kate’s.

And who can blame them? It is a really cute, and dare-I-say perfect or at least very-close-to-perfect nose.

New York facial plastic surgeon and member of the AAFPRS, Sam Rizk, MD, FACS, gets it. “Kate is a natural beauty. Her nose has a good shape, looks like she was born with it, has no visible irregularities (even in tabloid close ups) and no hump or asymmetries,” he says. “It is not too large, too small, or too chiseled, and most importantly, it suits her face and complements her other features.” She has good bones, he adds (not to mention a sick wardrobe, handsome husband, and a sister whose tight derriere also inspired the nation, and sired the Pippa Butt Lift.)

Past President of the AAFPRS, New York facial plastic surgeon, Steven J. Pearlman, MD, FACS, says the best part of the Duchess’s nose is that it doesn’t look quite so done. “It’s not a fantastic nose, but it is pretty and more importantly, it doesn’t look fixed,” he says. “I think the tip is still a little ‘boxy’ to use a technical term,” he says. “If no old photos were available then I doubt most people would know that she had it done. That’s likely what’s best about it.”

While bringing in photos of celebs or royals can help your surgeon understand what you are looking for in a procedure, one size rarely, if ever, fits all, he cautions.




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