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Thanksgiving is upon us, which means that the party season is swinging into full effect.  While you’re getting into the spirit, having fun and navigating seasonal minefields like drunken colleagues and dessert tables, you want to look your most fabulous, both in-person and on film.  BITB has wrangled some surefire ways to look flawless when the cameras start clicking.

LOVE IT – Start with great skin.  If you haven’t mixed up your cleansing and moisturizing regimen to adjust to environmental and seasonal changes then what are you waiting for?  Drinking tons of water and taking a good multivitamin will help matters greatly, along with a facial.  Once you’ve optimized your daily skincare regimen and you’re ready to put on your party face, start with light moisturizer and eye cream before you even think about makeup.  If your usual moisturizer has SPF then it’s smart to find an alternative when you know that you’re going to be photographed; high levels of titanium dioxide in sunscreen will cause a camera’s flash to bounce off of your face.  A primer provides a smooth base, minimizing the appearance of pores and fine lines.  Here’s a rundown of some of our favorite primers.

If you’re a foundation fan, make sure that yours is matte and follow it up with a light dusting of powder.  After foundation, apply concealer and use an eye base or primer to stop eye makeup from slipping or smudging.

Come on strong.  Pick your focal point.  Do you want to bring the drama with your eyes or lips?  Both looks are hot right now, and you can wear whichever you want, just not all at the same time.  A sheer lip in bordeaux or cherry red is particularly gorgeous and photographs well.  Light, matte eyes with plenty of mascara are the perfect counterpoint for a strong lip.  For a smoky eye, use sheer shades of gray and silver and blend well, or for a different take on breathtaking eyes, stroke on liquid or gel liner for sexy cat eyes.  If you go for eyes with impact then keep your mouth subdued with lip gloss or balm.

LEAVE IT – Forget the mineral makeup, if only for a day.  Like SPF-loaded moisturizers, the stuff is full of flash-reflecting titanium dioxide.  The result is a not-so-sexy ghost white look.

Keep shimmer to a minimum.  Again, this can cause flash reflection, and too much will make you look greasy or shiny.  If you need a little holiday sparkle, confine it to one part of your face.  For a subtle touch of shimmer, you can’t beat a little pink or champagne colored shadow dotted on the inner corners of your eyes.

Switch out your reflective frames for some contacts, or better yet, get corrective vision surgery to completely eliminate the need for glasses. According to eye expert, Dr. Robert McCulloch, LASIK eye surgery is one of the most common procedure performed during the holidays.

PARTY TRICKS – Take test shots.  There’s no better education than photographing yourself in different light.  A minute with your point and shoot or even your camera phone can bring to light makeup mishaps that you might otherwise overlook in the mirror.

When you’re getting dressed, keep it simple.  You may want to show off your holiday spirit, but solids generally photograph much better than busy patterns.

If the camera is in your hands, be kind to your subjects and hold your camera up high; everyone looks better from above.

There’s no helping candids, but if you find yourself in the middle of a group shot, point your chin up slightly and use this trick to tighten your neck muscles and eliminate the appearance of a double chin – touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth.

With the social media explosion, people are taking and posting more pictures than ever.  Lucky you, you’ve got a few secret weapons to help you face the flash frenzy.

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