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03-08-16 | Posted by

I recently visited Fox + Jane Salon’s East Village Salon for a complimentary hair service of my choice. Since I’m not one to push the envelope too much — I’m usually a less is more sort of girl — I stayed away from neon hues and radical color changes and instead chose balayage, a highlighting technique that Fox + Jane has become known for.




Balayage, a French word meaning to paint, is different than traditional foil highlights in that they’re strategically painted on using a brush for soft, less noticeable regrowth lines, creating as much or as little impact as you desire. Your colorist can place them for less obvious outgrowth and give you an ombre look, do something edgy or even duplicate the gorgeous sun-kissed natural highlights that children often acquire in the sun.

I arrived promptly for my appointment and was warmly greeted at the door and introduced to my colorist Daisy Miftari, who is also a hair stylist and hair extension specialist. I slid into the chair and as I looked around I noticed a lot of balayage going on around me and I grew more excited by the minute as I saw how amazing these other women looked. Daisy explained how the technique can be tailored to each individual’s personal preference — bold, subtle or somewhere in between — and strategically placed to flatter them specifically (ie. placed to play up gorgeous eyes or a beautiful smile).

Daisy and I had a little chat, aka the consultation and I explained how I don’t usually push the envelope when it comes to my looks and how I’d steered clear of highlights thanks to a horror story I’d had with them back in the 90’s. I also whipped out my phone and showed her some Pinterest photos of looks I love. She ducked into the rear of the salon, mixed my color and returned. After painting it on she gave it some time to process, checked it two or three times and then washed it out before applying a toner to perfect the color and add some wow-factor shine.

Post-blowdry and style I was transfixed. I couldn’t believe how gorgeous and radiant my hair looked. Per my request it wasn’t a huge change, but this color boost instantly brightened my complexion and bounced light off my hair. To maintain it, Daisy explained that I’d need to use toner every few months to keep my highlights from turning brassy, easy enough to do when I get my regular roots touched up. The best part about it though is that I’ll only need to do balayage touchups about every six months or so…clearly, low-maintenance enough for my taste.

This self-described high end salon experience with a down to earth vibe was what exactly what I experienced and the range of clients sitting in the chairs was proof of that. The stylists themselves and salon’s ambience made me feel right at home as both were warm and welcoming. There’s a range of options on the menu — everything from haircuts to different color processes to conditioning treatments, blowouts and special event styling — and the prices are very affordable.

Thanks to the magic at Fox + Jane I’m willing to predict that this is a look I’ll be holding onto for quite a while. And thanks to this incredible experience, when it’s time to make a color change, I’ll know just where to go!

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