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Posted by 09.29.08


BY TERRY VIP EXPERT LIGHT EXPERT The MOST amazing product for a flawless, light enhancing finish. This portable liquid foundation comes in a royal purple self contained brush that goes anywhere you go with ease. The texture is light and beautiful – and looks best on super healthy skin. Even coverage, simple to apply, ideal for non-foundation wearers. This is worth at least twice the $48 price tag! Use your normal foundation at home, and carry this for touch ups during the day or when you travel. You will be a convert the first time you try it.

FINAL VERDICT: RDW (Run Don’t Walk) – I am a HUGE By Terry fan. She is simply one of the most ingenious cosmetics designers in the industry today and continues to impress and amaze me. This is one lady who understands women and embodies perfect elegance in everything she puts her name on.Tres Magnifique!

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