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My 13 year old daughter and I were staring at ourselves in the mirror looking for a resemblance when I actually noticed a glaring difference. The whites of her blue eyes are way whiter than the whites of my green ones. Many things can cause the whites of the eyes (aka the sclera) to be less than white — Everything from serious issues to virtual non-issues can affect its color. There’s jaundice, hepatitis, liver disease, Gilbert’s Syndrome, inflammation, irritation, dryness, allergies, sun exposure and even age.

If you do notice a change in your sclera, make an appointment with an ophthalmologist to rule out anything serious. Once you’ve discovered there’s no reason for alarm, you can get your sclera to look as white as possible with these tips from best-in-the-biz makeup pro Vincent Longo, Creative Director for StyleBookings and Founder of Vincent Longo Cosmetics.

Longo shares his top 3 tips for brighter, whiter, clearer looking eyes:

1) “My favorite eyedrops are Rohto Cool Max. They’re extra strong to get the whites of the eye truly white. The drops tend to give a cool sensation when applied but work wonders. I use them on photo shoots, they’re great for close ups!”

2) “Blue mascaras tend to brighten things up due to the blue pigment being placed so closely against the white of the eyes. You can see it easily with clothing. If you dress in blue and white the look is brighter than say, dressing in black and blue. Blue mascara is also a big trend for Spring 2016. It accentuates the color of the iris and is especially flattering for blue and green eyes.”

3) “Eyeliners are another great option. White liners can brighten the eyes and make them look more open and awake or you can use a flesh toned eyeliner to help the eyes look younger and more rested. The best way to apply either a flesh-toned or white eyeliner pencil is to apply it to the inner rim of the eye. To do: First heat the tip of the pencil with a lighter before letting it cool down. Then, apply it directly to the inner rim. Heating it before letting it cool prior to applying allows for a full body lay down of color to trace the rim.” Note: the inner rim is usually one of the most difficult areas to line due to the tear ducts. The heating of the pencil allows the texture of the pencil to become smoother liked whipped cream to help with the application.


Yves Saint Laurent ‘Volume Effet Faux Cils Baby Doll’ Mascara in Audacious Blue ($32) delivers magnified lashes in a single stroke. Its patented formula and multifaceted brush with long and short bristles coat each and every lash from root to tip.



Vincent Longo Pro-Waterproof Eye-Pencil in Ivory ($22) is professional grade and highly pigmented for intense color payoff. Use it to rim the upper, lower and thanks to its waterproof formula, even the inner rim of the eye.




Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Eye Pencil ($23) Blue hued pencils can also work to brighten up tired looking eyes. Try bold Electric Cobalt or classic Sapphire to perk up tired, irritated eyes, and this long lasting formula with built in blending tip will stay where you put it.




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