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10-25-12 | Posted by

Boots No7 is an iconic British skincare and makeup brand that finally made its way stateside in 2007. In honor of its 77th anniversary, this classic is offering several new US launches that combine its signature pharmaceutical-based healthcare with extensive consumer testing.

First up is the No7 Beautiful Skin range, a two-step cleansing and moisturizing system for all ages. Inspired by the goal to simplify the morning skincare regimen, Beautiful Skin offers the benefits of the usual cleanser, toner, and moisturizer routine in only two steps.

“Our research shows that consumers want their daily skincare process to be quick and effective,” stated Boots Scientific Skincare Advisor, Dr. Mike Bell. “No7 Beautiful Skin is designed to provide that experience and has been developed through the band’s proprietary scientific approach that combines technology with extensive consumer testing to help leave skin looking more radiant in just two week.”

The Beautiful Skin products are broken down into three skin types: normal/oily, normal/dry and dry/very dry. The moisturizers, formulated to provide 24-hour hydration and UVA/UVB protection, are priced at $13.99. The cleansers, in foaming, gel, and balm versions, are $8.49.

Photo Credit: ulta.com

In honor of the anniversary, Boots is also bringing the No7 Lift & Luminate anti-aging range to the U.S. Targeting more mature skin to help firm, brighten, and visibly improve the appearance of wrinkles while fighting off new ones, the line includes day, night, and eye creams, each priced at $20.99. With regular usage, clinical studies show younger looking skin in just four weeks.

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