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04-11-18 | Posted by

I’m eagerly anticipating my “Bowe Glow” thanks to the info gleaned from reading The Beauty of Dirty Skin, by internationally renowned dermatologist and scientist Dr. Whitney Bowe. This beauty bible shares the secrets to beautiful skin, dispels a number of long-held skincare rules and beliefs and also shares a 3-week program to help you get glowing while addressing the many ways you can maximize your skin health and do away with numerous skin disorders including but not limited to acne, rosacea and premature wrinkling.

Though surface-level treatment can greatly improve your skin’s appearance, Bowe shares that in order to get consistently healthy and radiant skin you need to treat the root of the problem, surprising often in the gut. Her research has led her to our body’s microbiome system and just how important “good” bacteria is to our health, well-being, and you guessed it…beauty.

Surprising takeaways from the book include the following:

– Cleaner is not necessarily better, especially when it comes to your skin. Dr. Bowe shares that the best way to take care of it is with gentle products that won’t strip the skin and that will support its microbiome. When it comes to your skin’s health, “dirty” beats squeaky clean any day.

– Dietary choices do affect skin health. Though I already knew to avoid diet soda and so-called “healthy” bars and shakes, other choices like skim milk and rice cakes were surprise skin saboteurs to me. Inflammatory foods like certain fruit juices, high-glycemic foods like white rice and bagels and artificial sweeteners should be switched out for skin healthier choices like green juices, old-fashioned oatmeal and moderate amounts of real sugar instead.

– You’ll be privy to a grocery list of foods you should include in your diet and the specific reasons why they made the list. Things you might not know? You’ll want to choose almond or coconut milk over cow’s milk. Asparagus may help prevent broken capillaries. Surprisingly, specific types of fish will protect your skin from sun damage.

– A 221-day plan that focuses on your gut, brain and skin to heal your skin from the inside out as well as from the outside in. You’ll find specific dietary changes, sample menus and easy to follow recipes, mind/body relationship exercises such as meditation, mindfulness and simple lifestyle choice changes you should make, and the cutting edge skincare and ingredients you should be using.

– Dr. Bowe also outlines the right kinds of oral probiotics and over-the-counter supplements and how they factor into your skin health. For example, she’s a fan of Copper to help promote collagen and elastin production, Chelated Selenium to reduce the chance of inflammatory skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and acne, and Zinc to heal and rejuvenate skin.

You’ll learn exactly what you need to do for healthier looking skin and a more youthful appearance, but some of the side-effects will make you very happy indeed, especially if you want a boost in your energy levels, a better night’s sleep, a decrease in your moodiness and anxiety levels, a clearer head, stronger immune system. Oh…and you might even lose a few pounds.


The Beauty of Dirty Skin by Whitney Bowe, MD was sent for review. Opinions are my own.

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