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05-10-11 | Posted by

From hapless, loveless nerd to handsome, cool and in love plastic surgery resident, Dr. Anthony Youn chronicles his journey through college and med school in the aptly named memoir, In Stitches. The story is a great read, full of humor, self deprecation and insight into what it takes to find your one’s way in life and medicine.

The story starts in Greenville Michigan, population 7,945, where Tony is the only Korean-American in his school and his family the only Asian family in town. His father is the town’s ob-gyn and expects both his son’s to follow in his medical footsteps, preferably as surgeons.

Tony struggles with his father’s expectations but ultimately finds his own path. He aces both high school and Kalamazoo College and attends medical school at Michigan State, where he struggles to maintain his top of the class status. He also recounts his humorous but unsuccessful amorous encounters until he meets the love of his life and future wife Amy.

His journey has taken him far from a skinny, awkward nerd with coke bottle glasses to board certified plastic surgeon in private practice in Metro Detroit. A regular television contributor, Dr. Youn is a frequent guest on The Rachael Ray Show and The CBS Early Show and has appeared on The Doctors, The O’Reilly Factor and other shows. To read more of his humor and insight into plastic surgery, check out his blog, www.celebcosmeticsurgery.com, reportedly the most popular blog by a plastic surgeon in the country.

In Stitches, A Memoir by Anthony Young, M.D. with Alan Eisenstock ($25), published by Gallery Books, is available at www.amazon.com.

Note: Dr. Youn is offering a 15 minute Skype interview about the book or any plastic surgery-related issue to book clubs that read and focus on In Stitches.  You can email Dr. Youn directly at miplasticsurgeon@yahoo.com to set this up. He hopes to hear from you!

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