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05-16-10 | Posted by

Meet the Director of Medical Aesthetics

Anushka Spa, where Palm Beach ladies and jetsetters go to get pampered and treated, boasts 12,000 square feet of spa, salon, cosmedical center and a world renowned cellulite clinic. Tatler Magazine named it one of the top 10 medspas in the world! Dr. Bonnie Marting heads up the medical aesthetics practice by staying on the cutting edge of cosmetic dermatology to keep her well-heeled clientele coming back for more.

www.yearserased.com & www.anushkaspa.com

1. When did you enter the cosmetic dermatology field? At that time, what was the biggest trend in cosmetic dermatology and how has it changed since in your professional experience?

1996. At that time Botox was becoming a staple in the field, and bovine collagen was sill gaining in popularity. Other collagens, such as cadaver collagen, were in the works. IPL was becoming standard as the “Photo Derm” from ESC (at that time) emerged and was touted to treat many more things than it actually could. Different collagens came out, but nothing changed the filler world like the emergence of first Restylane in 2003, then Radiesse (then “Radiance”) in 2004.

What are the biggest trends now?

Today a huge trend is volumization. When done appropriately, re-adding volume can remove 10 to 15 years. Despite what we have seen in some movie stars, the trend is for soft, subtle, young, and fresh.

2. What characterizes the Palm Beach aesthetic patient in terms of aesthetic sensibility, wants, needs, preferences?

Here in Palm Beach there is a mixed bag. Those who are aesthetically sensible go for the soft, fresh, rested look and strive for healthy skin. Often my patients come in wanting fillers or enhanced lips and frequently add the phrase “but I’ve seen what’s out there and I don’t want that!” This invariably refers to those who have received platypus-like lips, sky-high eyebrows, and chipmunk-esque cheeks. I too have seen this out there. My patients typically want to look fab but natural. And often they don’t tell their husbands or significant others, so it must be subtle.

3. Tell us about your new book, Skin Secrets Doctors Save For Celebrities.

Skin Secrets Doctors Save for Celebrities is a compilation of all the education I provide daily to my patients depending upon their needs. There are so many treatments and products that are truly evidence-based and work wonders. There are so many more that really don’t do anything. It can be quite confusing. Most of the celebrities I see have been educated at least partially about what really works and many other patients have not. That is why the title was developed. The book is easy to read and understand and can be downloaded free from yearserased.com or if they prefer I give my patients the audio version. People are so grateful for the truth.

4. Which treatments/procedures do you think really have staying power?

From the results obtained with Sculptra, I truly believe this product will continue to explode. As new techniques and uses continue to emerge, one may never need have surgery! Additionally, the HA’s will always be around since they really fill lips and wrinkles nicely, and have the ability to be removed with hyaluronidase in the unlikely event of an adverse reaction or poor placement from an inexperienced injector. Finally, neurotoxins are going nowhere. As formulations continue to advance the popularity will continue to increase…if that is possible. Even in the down-turned economy, folks won’t skip their mortgage to get their Botox but they will skip a few nights out for dinner.

5. Please tell us about your partnership with the prestigious Anushka Spa.

I had the distinct pleasure of joining the Anushka team in 2004. Immediately I recognized that I had found home. First there was Anushka herself, who had studied and devoted over 3 decades to the treatment of cellulite, and to the treatment of the self-esteem. then there were the other partners, including Janice Worth, that led me to the understanding that I was with people in my league. I had not matched this with teams before. It was refreshing, and welcoming.

6. Are you a mom?

I am a step-mom and a grandmother. While the grandkids, all born after I married into the family, call me Bon-Bon, they are my kids. They are wonderful, and have my undivided time whenever they want it. Which is often.

7. What’s in your bag?

As an evidence-based practitioner, my first product I would not want to be without is my retinoid. I currently use tretinoin (generic Retin-A), but all the retinoids are good. Retinols are not as strong. The retinoids will keep you young forever. Second, of course, is my TIZO sunscreen, since tretinoin makes your skin actually younger, it is more susceptible to the sun. Finally, an antioxidant like Revale Night Cream to fertilize my skin and keep away the free radicals.

8. What’s your favorite bag?

My favorite bag? Because I tend to carry everything I think I may need with me (not a good practice and one I do not encourage) I really love the Prada Saffiano & Tessuto Tote. It can act as a large bag, or carry my life. Which it does. And it is sturdy, as I hate inconvenience and if something breaks, I am inconvenienced!

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