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Photo Credit: Bond No. 9


07-09-13 | Posted by

Fragrance house Bond No. 9 is taking a bit of a trip. The New York City-centric perfume maker is heading to hyperspace with it’s first ever Internet fragrance, simply called HTTP://WWW.BONDNO9.COM (ARV $250)

From Riverside Drive to Coney Island, Bond No. 9 fragrances are generally scented evocations of New York City neighborhoods, until now. Timed to correspond with its 10th anniversary, HTTP:// expands the company’s scope to include a much larger village, anyone and everyone online.

According to Bond, the new scent targets “computer literati, twitterati, glamour-ati, techies, wonks, geeks, skypers, googlers, bloggers, and anyone else who wants to connect with the modern world.”

Just as the Internet brings everyone closer no matter how many miles apart they are in reality, HTTP:// is a great unifier as a unisex scent.

The scent’s neighborhood is virtual, but the fragrance is real. The top notes include bergamot, pineapple, and juniper berry for a sensation of the great outdoors. Fragrance middle notes are often floral, but HTTP://’s are apple, blackcurrant, and cedarwood—all notes not typically found in the heart of a scent. The bottom notes include a foresty-y patchouli, moss, musk and amber.

The fragrance is housed in the signature Bond star shaped flacon, but with a unique twist. It features a coded blue scanner pattern on a neon-yellow background, which actually is a QR, a quick response code. Scan it with a QR reader and you will be taken to the fragrance’s online portal, the only place you can find HTTP:// for sale.

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