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04-07-09 | Posted by


Getting a Brazilian has taken on a whole new meaning in my life. OBRIGADO!

During a visit to the divine Anushka Cosmedical Centre, Spa and Salon in Palm Beach, where the polo set go for brilliant BOTOX® and master body massages, Anushka insisted on having Shawn dabble with my overprocessed highlights. I sat in his chair as Shawn ran his fingers through my frazzled tresses and exclaimed, “Girl, you need a Brazilian!”  I replied in total ignorance, “OMG you want to wax my head?” The rest is history. Before I could say “Nao,” Jill, known as the Pasha of Protein, was swathing my hair in a thick gel. She then flat ironed it slowly and meticulously for what took two hours and told me to stay that way for 72 hours. That was the tricky part for me, the consummate woman who lives to wash her hair every day. Fortunately, I did not run into any one I knew en route back to New York with flat stringy hair, but I did notice that the JetBlue flight attendant gave me a second look as she passed out my ration of Blue Chips and Diet Coke.

From the first washing, it was pure magic. The Brazilian hair-nourishing protein treatment is a godsend for anyone with frizz-prone hair or damage from chemicals, UV exposure or age. If you live in Britain, Amsterdam, the tropics, south of the Equator, or Southeast Asia where dampness and raindrops the size of golf balls are the norm, it’s an absolute MUST. Now I’m a total convert and wonder how I ever lived without this. For about $400 depending on how much hair you have, it lasts about as long as BOTOX® does – about 4-6 months. The results are soft, shiny, silky, manageable gorgeous hair. It is positively transformational.  Girls, this is nothing like Japanese straightening that left your hair pin straight, lifeless and unstylable. This is a hair rejuvenation therapy that kills the frizz and seals the cuticle to add life to your tresses. You have to see it to believe it.

Although there are now a handful of systems on the market that tops salons use, the best product ranges are Marcia Texeira Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner and Coppola Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy. The only downside to the Brazilian experience is that for as long as you are having it done, you cannot wash your hair with normal soap or detergent laden shampoo. You MUST use only sulfate-free products to cleanse your hair, but conditioner is not an issue so you can go crazy with gels, smoothing serums and sprays galore. But the truth is that after you have been Brazilian’d, you’ll find that your need for styling products will drop to next to nothing! You can save a fortune on flat irons too.

Anushka is in City Place, a luxury shopping complex in the Palm Beaches. www.anushkaspa.com

3 Responses to “BLAME IT ON RIO”

  1. beautylovingmom Says:

    I had this done at my local salon in the mall, and the technician was a newbie, so Im not sure she knew what she was doing but my hair is definitely softer. I paid $175, so I hope it lasts for awhile.

  2. MIC Says:

    L’Oreal EverPure is also sulfate-free – and a lot cheaper than pricey professional brands.

  3. needitbad Says:

    i had japanese straightening done 2 years ago and my hair has never been the same. it was a disaster and cost $500! never again

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