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Posted by 03.25.09


MAC EYE SHADOW  These shadows are really terrific. The little pots come in 9 different finishes – frost, satin, matte, velvet, etc.so there is plenty to choose from, not to mention about a million shades. Some are a little out there - come on, not too many of us are going to wear ‘Clarity’ (bright turquoise) or ‘Newly Minted’ (sea green) except maybe for Halloween. But take a look at ‘Bamboo” (neutral beige) or ‘Bronze’ (shimmery brown) or ‘Sumptous Olive’ (metallic khaki) and you’ll be sold.

FINAL VERDICT- GGI (GOTTA GET IT)-$14 each is not too bad and they blend well so you can mix and match ’em.

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