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05-25-16 | Posted by

Bangs are one of the easiest ways to change your look in a major way, without resorting to changes like hair length, color or texture. Done right, a fringe can make someone look young, chic and cooler-than-cool. Done wrong, you’ll spend months trying to grow them out.

Danielle Allyson, stylist at NYC’s Butterfly Studio Salon, says your face shape plays a role in what will work best on you.

OVAL: This shape is perfect for basically any bang. Select a bang that compliments your current cut to frame your face perfectly.

ROUND: Rounder shapes are pretty symmetrical. Choppy, asymmetrical bangs or long, face-framing bangs with a center part will help to elongate the face, drawing the eye upwards and giving your face more vertical space.

SQUARE: Square shapes have a narrow forehead and jawline. Thick and tapered bangs that are whispy will add more visual width to your forehead which will soften your features and make your eyes pop.

HEART: Heart shapes have a wider forehead in comparison to their chin. For this shape, long and tapered bangs with center part or side swept will bring balance.

Allyson filled BITB in on a few other essentials you’ll want to know before getting a fringe:

  • Modern Bangs = Custom Bangs. It’s all about personalization for your style, your cut and face shape.
  • Blunt, shapeless bangs are out! Bangs that are piecy, customized to the face and hair texture of the client and have movement are in. Whether you want a blunt straight across bang, side swept bang or even a short-cropped bang, texturizing them is essential. The little details and personal touches will make your style modern, chic and unique.
  • The beauty of fringe is that bangs are so versatile and could be customized to enhance any style. Whether your hair is short and curly, long and sleek or even a pixie, bangs can make your look go from ordinary to extraordinary. It adds instant style to your mane.
  • There are many benefits that come with bangs like the fact that bangs make it easy to look done up, even if you pull your hair back into a simple style like a pony or knot. They’re also a great option for camouflaging forehead wrinkles, and they can help bring out the features you want people to focus on like your eyes and cheekbones.
  • Fringe can be challenging for the following clients:
    a. Client with a very small forehead: adding a fringe could hide their face
    b. Client who wants a fringe that doesn’t complement their overall texture. For example-they have extremely thick, unruly hair but want sleek/smooth/piecy bangs that they won’t try to style to look that way.
    c. Client who will not style them every day! Bangs require maintenance and you have to be willing to wash and style them every day.
  • Products are essential to having bangs. My must-haves are:
    Dry Texturizing Spray by Oribe ($44). It creates grit, hold, structure and absorbs excess oil in your bang, allowing you to style without washing your hair, plus there’s no need for hairspray when using Dry.
    Color Lustre Dry Cleaner by Shu Uemura ($39). This translucent dry shampoo cleanses your hair by absorbing oils and impurities in your bang. No need to shampoo, just apply Dry Cleaner and style your bang.
  • Most salons, like ours, offer complimentary bang trims between routine haircut appointments. Always schedule it to keep your fringe at the right length.

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