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07-28-14 | Posted by

Coming on the heels of über designers who are making their mark in beauty like Dolce &Gabanna,Tory Burch,Tom Ford,and Marc Jacobs,shoe and handbag designer extraordinaire,Christian Louboutin,has a debut of his own.His must have line of nail lacquers is launching in August 2014.And, you guessed it,his legendary ROUGE is the fitting shade to start with.

“The red sole was born from red nail polish.I am giving back to nails what the shoe took from the nails many years ago.” – Christian Louboutin

Apparently,back in 1992,according to WWD, Louboutin actually used a bottle of nail lacquer to get the color just right for his signature red soles. Christian Louboutin Beaute is poised to turn the beauty world upside down. His new luxe beauty venture is a partnership with  New York-based Batallure Beauty.

Even at $50 a bottle, Rouge Louboutin Nail Colour is sure to be a total sell out at luxury retailers from Saks to Neiman’s, Printemps to Brown’s and more. In contrast, Tom Ford Beauty Nail Lacquer is $32, By Terry Nail Laque Terrybly comes in at a healthy $30, and Yves Saint Laurent Beaute La Laque Couture is a $27 spend. But Louboutin is not the most expensive polish by a long shot—Serge Lutens Nail Lacquer tops the charts at $62 at Barneys New York.

Thirty additional shades are coming after Rouge has made its mark. As expected, the bottle is like a work of art unto itself. The sinewy spiky jet black cap resembles Louboutin’s classic stiletto heel atop a faceted bottle that looks like no other nail varnish ever could. The avant garde video created by director and producer David Lynch (think Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive, Twin Peaks) adds a level of fantasy and over-the-top artistry to the launch.

Screenshot 2014-07-24 11.19.32

All we have to say is place your order early! neimanmarcus.com



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