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01-19-12 | Posted by

Dolce & Gabbana’s latest fragrance entry is not just one but six scents composing a lineup called the Velvet Collection. The range is all about luxury – the particularly Italian Baroque luxury loved by the designers. Like their fashions, the fragrances celebrate the lushness of the Sicilian countryside and lifestyle. The result is a blend of tradition, innovation and opulence.

Each of the six scents draws from a specific inspiration that is important to the designers and includes vintage Italian ingredients. Check out the fragrances below along with their olfactive family and inspiration.

Velvet Wood: Oriental Woody – lacquered wood.

Velvet Patchouli: Woody Chypre – iconic incense

Velvet Vetiver: Woody Watery – the scents of the Mediterranean summer

Velvet Desire: Rich White Flora – a scented reminiscence of the Renaissance

Velvet Love: Oriental Spicy – carnations of Lake Como

Velvet Sublime: Fresh Floral – the orange groves of Sicily

Housed in a heavy glass flacon, each fragrance is distinguished by its color-coded cap. The Velvet Collection is available exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue stores. Sold individually, each fragrance is priced at $195.


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